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037 Leader, Forgive Yourself

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Episode notes

We’ve all been there - you forgot to send a really important email, reacted poorly under pressure, or perhaps your actions unintentionally hurt someone else. We all make mistakes. Yet, many of us beat ourselves up over things that, honestly, don’t deserve that much attention. Even though your mistakes might be detrimental to you or your organization, forgive yourself because it’s hard to lead others when you have so many doubts about ourselves.

What You’ll Learn:

- Why leaders need to develop the skill of self-forgiveness

- Understanding the disease of ‘more’

- How to change your leadership beliefs

- What to do when you mess up

- How to forgive and stop being too hard on yourself

- How to define your personal vision 

- The quickest route out of the comfort zone

When leaders think about forgiveness, they often focus on the need to forgive others. Your team members make mistakes, and when everything settles down, you forgive them. But what if the tables are turned, and you are the one who made a mistake? If you’re struggling with forgiving yourself or developing a sense of self-compassion, I hope this episode helps you learn how to forgive yourself and create momentum when you feel like the weight of the world is grinding you down.


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