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048 Massive Turnover in Your Sales Team is Good? with Mike Stark from Welco

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Episode notes

Michael Stark is the Sales Director at Welco Expediting Limited, one of Canada's largest distributors of industrial plant processing equipment. Mike is also a business development and sales growth strategist who’s passionate about supporting focused and productive teams to build client-focused eco-systems. We discuss why massive turnover in your sales team can be a good thing and what to do when a salesperson leaves your organization.

What You'll Learn:

- How massive turnover in your sales team can be a positive thing

- Main reasons for high turnover among sales teams

- What to do when salespeople start leaving your organization 

- Best practices for strengthening a skinny sales funnel

- How to predict turnover on your sales team

- How sales leaders address low confidence in their sales teams

- Self-care tips for sales leaders 

- Mike's advice to his younger self on proper leadership

Although the common belief in sales is that turnover in your team is a bad thing, anytime a salesperson leaves the team, you get the opportunity to upgrade your talent. Top-performing sales leaders understand that turnover is a necessary evil because it sets high expectations and eliminates tolerance for mediocrity.

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