Full Funnel Freedom / 041 Connect Before You Correct

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Episode notes

Today, we'll go through how leaders can connect with team members before trying to correct them. As leaders, when we feel a team member is offside, we tend to do one of two things: we either avoid addressing their behavior at the moment, or we essentially hammer them with a message to correct the behavior that we believe is offside. Neither of these two actions ever work out. You can have fantastic feedback for a team member, but your words will not carry the same weight if there's no connection between the two of you. 

What You'll Learn:

- How to adopt the "connect before you correct" mentality

- The difference between on-the-spot coaching and behavioral correction

- Why leadership is never about you, it's about your team

- The three steps in the connect before you correct mindset

- The benefits of pausing for effective communication in leadership

- Understanding vulnerability in leadership

- Why it's okay for leaders to ask for help

- The importance of setting the right tone when communicating in leadership

Connecting before correcting a team member is an art form of receiving someone fully before offering instructions that counter their own opinions. However, in the fast-paced world that we live in, most leaders tend to correct without first allowing a connection to be established – they immediately slip into fixing mode when they feel like someone is in the wrong. 


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