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083 Until Their Buyer Says It, Our Sellers *Know* Nothing

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Episode notes

The one thing that can quickly kill an opportunity our seller thinks is happening is when they go into “knowing mode.” If a seller starts giving solutions to their buyer before completely understanding if the buyer even needs that solution or any solution at all, they're doing themselves and their buyer a massive disservice. 

In today's episode, we'll go through ideas and insights around how we can stop our sellers from going into knowing mode prior to meeting with a buyer. We'll also cover ways to coach buyers to understand the mindset that "until the buyer says it, I know nothing." 

What You'll Learn: 

  • How "knowing mode" kills opportunities quickly

  • The one mindset to teach all your salespeople

  • Why sellers need to stop asking close-ended questions

  • The scientific method to create a superior sales experience

  • Ways to get your sellers to focus on their pre-call plan

  • Reasons you never want to get your buyer uncomfortable

  • How to master the art of asking belief-based questions

  • Sell more by leading with beliefs instead of assumptions

Excellent selling skills are an incredible asset, but to close more deals, you need to bet on asking better questions instead. Buyers detest feeling like they're being led down a path they didn't choose. A salesperson would much rather walk alongside their potential buyer until they determine whether they will work together or not, and then they can part ways amicably.