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Building your Strategic Partner Program, with Angie Scheribel of STS Capital Partners

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Deciding to start or to modify your Strategic Partner Program isn’t a simple choice. You have to ensure that the people you bring on as your strategic partners have the same mission vision, and desired outcomes that your organization does.  Today we will take ideas and insights from Angie Scheribel, Director of Partner Networks at STS Capital Partners.

And, if you have questions about if it’s time for you to launch your Strategic Partner program, give us a call.

What you'll learn:

  • What is a strategic partner program
  • What to consider when implementing a strategic partner program
  • How to scale a strategic partner program
  • How to qualify strategic partners using five factors
  • How you can determine the success of a strategic partner program
  • What are the types of strategic partners
  • How to keep strategic partners committed to the program
  • What are the potential pitfalls of a strategic partner program
  • How can leaders address potential challenges in your program.


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