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#159 – How To Create A Comic Book: REBURN, Strong Female Voices & Spending Time Doing Fun-Work With Alyson Shelton

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This week Mike sits down with Alyson Shelton; author & creator of REBURN; a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy mini-series created by an all-female creative team!

In more detail, Alyson explains why she created the comic REBURN including the collaboration with her artist Elise McCall and how the whole process went, Alyson also talks about her inspiration for her comic and its importance. The scope of the discussion then widens where Alyson speaks about women’s voices comic books and other media, the duo also speak about Star Wars for a bit, before looping back to how the comic’s release hs affected Alyson, Alyson’s other projects and much more!

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