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#160 – How Mushrooms Saved My Life: Mental Health, Losing Colour & A Walk On The Beach With Gerardo Urias

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Mike talks with Gerardo Urias about his life & his book; Taking Back My Mind: My Journey Out Of Depression With Psilocybin Mushrooms, which details his life’s struggles and how he came back from the brink.

In more detail, Gerardo explains his early experiences with psychedelics, the drinking cultures in Europe & America and Gerardo then talks about how his life “took a turn” and the experience of psychedelics, meditation & the Wim Hof breathing method brought him back. Gerardo also explains what specifically made him write his book, how his life has changed since & his newfound responsibility, his intrigue in DMT and so much more!

Gerardo’s Site: – Gerardo’s Instagram: @GerardoUrias77 – - Twitter: @Gurias77

Read a sample of Gerardo’s book here:

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