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Breaking the Barrier with Meagan Gehrke, Lady Gnar Shredder, Ultra Endurance Athlete, and Rogue Fitness Manager

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Episode notes

In episode 4 of season 2, we chat with Meagan Gehrke, who lives in Columbus, Ohio. Meagan is an ultra endurance cyclist who loves challenging herself with long rides that often include staying awake for many hours. Meagan currently holds the Cross Ohio W-E record, where she rode from the western end of the state to the eastern end. Meagan picked up the bug for long solo endurance efforts like this during the pandemic. We also talk with Meagan about how she found cycling in the first place and her positive experience with the Lady Gnar Shredders, an all-women’s cycling team that is based out of Columbus.  For work, Meagan is a manager for Rogue Fitness, a company that produces and sells strength and conditioning equipment. Meagan started on the operations line and quickly worked her way up to a management position. We talk with her about what it’s like to hold a leadership role in an industry that is traditionally male-dominated and why she feels so much pride in being the type of leader who treats everyone with respect. Lastly, we get to talk with Meagan about how she balances it all - work, workouts, record attempts, and time with her husband. This episode is very positive and its a conversation that we think listeners will really enjoy!

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