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Student-Athlete Highlight with Zoey Oster

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Episode notes

In Episode 8, we talk with Nevada North rider Zoey Oster. Zoey Oster, who is graduating high school this week, rode for Reno-Sparks Composite in Reno, Nevada. Zoey is also a part of Reno Devo, a non-profit junior cycling club that takes place in the spring and summer. Her uncle, Lane Swall, is the Team Director for the NICA team while her dad, Dan Oster, is a coach, and three of her cousins went through the Reno-Sparks team as well. In the fall, Zoey will be attending University of Nevada - Reno and plans to coach for Reno-Sparks Composite to help pass on her love for mountain biking to future student-athletes. Zoey will also be helping lead the Nevada North League’s GRiT program.

Zoey talks about how much NICA and mountain biking has enhanced her life. She has made some of her best friends, spent meaningful time with her family on event weekends and at practice, and learned how to challenge herself, both mentally and physically. Zoey also opens up about her struggles with anxiety and depression, something she learned more about from a crash that caused a concussion. Zoey has a wonderful support network, but she still sees a lot of value in being open about her struggles since she feels there are others in her position that might not know they aren’t alone. Coming from someone who is just graduating high school, Zoey is wise beyond her years. 

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