Girls Moving Mountains

Student-Athlete Highlight with Gilly and Lucy Millar, Sisters Who Ride with the Missoula Mammoths

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Episode notes

In Episode 2, we catch up with Gilly and Lucy Millar. Gilly (10th grade), and Lucy (8th grade) are sisters who ride with the Missoula Mammoths in the Montana MTB NICA League. Their mother, Sarah, also happens to work on the NICA National staff so it’s truly a family affair! While both girls love being a part of NICA and racing cross country, they have also found other disciplines that they are passionate about, which is what this episode dives into.

Gilly found herself on the podium of every Montana League NICA race this year and even won a race! She battled with a teammate and had to learn the balance of friendship and competition. She gives valuable advice on how she has been able to do this. Gilly also has found a passion for cyclocross. In fact, Jen and Nikki got to cheer her on at Cyclocross Nationals in Wheaton, Illinois in the junior girls race!

Lucy won her first Montana NICA race of the season and found herself on the podium at her other races. In the Montana league, the 8th grade girls is one of the larger fields. This year, Lucy has joined the Ride Montana Racing, a youth enduro development team based out of Missoula. She is the only girl on the squad, but she feels highly supported by her teammates and coaches. This episode highlights the commonality of NICA between two sisters who have also found their own passions in other disciplines.

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