Girls Moving Mountains

Where Are They Now with MacKenzie Steiner, SoCal League Alumna, Air Force Academy Student, and USA Cycling Collegiate Club National Champion

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Episode notes

In Episode 21, we talk with MacKenzie Steiner, who goes by Mac. Mac has been racing since she was 12 years old. She joined the SoCal League when she was in seventh grade and also raced on a women’s road team. MacKenzie is now a junior at the Air Force Academy.

Recently, MacKenzie became a National Champion by winning the USA Cycling Collegiate Club Mountain Bike race in Durango, CO. The conditions were epic with snow, mud, and ice throughout the entire course! Mac found herself in 12th place early in the race. With persistence, a little luck, and a never-give-up mindset, she ended up making her way to the front of the race. This was her first National Championship win! 

Mac has a great outlook about balancing school, cycling, rugby, and having a social life. She also gives advice to student-athletes returning to in-class school after the uncertainty of the pandemic. She also talks to us about how she chose the Air Force Academy and why it is such a good fit for her.

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