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109: Calling In Abundance

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Episode notes

As soul-based coaches, so many of us love the idea of creation - calling in all the things that we desire and creating an amazing life for ourselves.

But of course it's not always simple! Manifestation is amazing, with instant results for some, but the majority of us need to work a little harder, stopping the mind chatter and allowing those breadcrumbs to feed into our vortex.

Whilst the universe gives us these busy lives filled with clutter and challenges, it also gifts us the grace to navigate these and attain our goals in spite of the obstacles we encounter.

This week's podcast comes to you from Portugal, where I have been enjoying a glorious holiday with my family, in a place I could never have imagined being. When traveling with my family we have always chosen time over luxury, opting for longer, simpler holidays rather than shorter, fancier ones, so that's always where my mindset was at. I felt this was just what was meant for my family.

But then our usual type of accommodation was cancelled and, last-minute, this AMAZING, luxurious place came up - somewhere beyond any of my expectations! 

The universe gifted us this effortless synchronicity!

You see when you are in tune with the universe it gifts you opportunities like this.

As I look around me here in this beautiful resort, I just KNOW I was meant to be here, and that I will be holding retreats here in the future for my clients. It's where we belong, and we are ALL going to make amazing progress here. 

The universe can see our brilliance and we deserve the beauty in life, and to feel the abundance flowing around us. And if we take the opportunity to tune in, we discover even more of those magical breadcrumbs that lead us to this.

Isn't that exciting?!

Enjoy the listen!


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