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110: Selling Without Selling With Sales Coach, Tracy Beavers

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Episode notes

Today we're talking all about sales. 

They can be icky can't they? Especially when you're selling yourself!

But if you don't pitch your offering, how will your soul clients know that you can help them?

Content and connections move you towards a sale, but you have to actually be brave and ask for it.

It's vital to find a method that feels good so you can show up and sell effectively. Only then can you grow.

Solving this problem for my clients has become a quest for me, and my guest today is an expert on the topic.

Tracy Beavers has more than twenty years' experience in sales and marketing. As the owner of three businesses, she understands the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. She loves sales, she loves networking, and she wants you to love it too!

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Tracy had corporate careers that spanned several industries: insurance, lending, real estate, and sales. Throughout every career, one fact remained constant: her love of people and her passion to help them WIN. Her ability to build relationships with others and listen to their needs is the bedrock of her success. As a business/sales coach, Tracy has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs scale to their next level with a clear roadmap for success. 

Tracy knows that effective selling is rooted in building strong relationships. Only by getting to know your clients and their needs, can you truly serve them. 

It's also critical to build a network of connections so you're the first person they think of for your area of expertise.

In this episode you will learn:

- Why a cookie-cutter approach to sales will never work

- The reason why you should NEVER leap straight into the DMs of your potential clients

- Not to be afraid to ask for the sale!

It isn't about the hard sell. In fact, when you come from a place of authenticity and truth, selling your offering will be effortless. 

You need to feel aligned when selling or it's never going to work. 

You won't want to miss Tracy's inspired action at the end of the episode either...

Enjoy the listen!


You can find Tracey over on Facebook and her website www.tracybeavers.com/selling


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