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105 Soul-Aligned Ops You Gotta Have With Jhana Li

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Episode notes

This episode is for women like me, who don’t always find it easy to lean back and allow ease to flow in, but instead have super active minds that constantly want to be in the doing mode.

Sometimes, if you just ease off and allow, the universe creates magic to reaffirm the fact we are meant to be living like this – with ease.

As I head off on a summer vacation, it’s a reminder that having time off and creating ease in your business is a fundamental goal we should all have – but it isn’t always easy to get to this place. We often end up doing all the things ourselves, getting overwhelmed and feeling we have to be hyper-controlling over every aspect.

In my quest to find ease, I’ve turned to energy – which has been incredibly successful – but there are also lots of practical things you can do.

This week’s guest shares her knowledge and practical advice around the topic of operations.

Jhana Li has over 4 years’ experience as a COO and Operations Consultant for digital entrepreneurs. She specializes in executing scalable team and systems infrastructure and harnessing the true power of Operations as a lever for compound growth. Her passion lies in scaling purpose-based businesses and partnering with the founding entrepreneurs to unlock their highest potential and impact.

If you're anything like me, the words 'operations and systems' can be a bit alarming, but you can really benefit from knowing what they really mean and embracing them.

Jhana defines operations as “any action required in a business to optimize its use of its core resources – time, energy, money and human potential.” This encompasses not just the human side of things, but also the technological.

In this episode you will learn:

>> How to conduct a time audit and create the most efficient to-do list for your business

>> Building systems as you go: from a single point of contact, to a project management system and beyond

>> Scaling your business: going from Solopreneur to building a team

It’s all about delegation, automation, and streamlining to create joy and freedom – which is why you started your business in the first place!

And, ultimately, it’s about evolving with efficiency, towards the vision of your business that YOU have.

Enjoy the listen!


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