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104: Are You Proud Of What's Holding You Back? [Bonus Episode]

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Episode notes

Today's bonus episode is all about the surprising way that you can connect deeply with your soul clients.

But first, let me mention some things I always felt were something to be proud of, but were actually quite the opposite!

I've always been a bit of a catastrophe identifier, immediately homing in on the potential pitfalls and talking myself out of things. When I went through my journey with IVF and then surrogacy I catastrophised about everything!

Whilst it's normal to worry a little, I took it to a whole new level. It felt like it was my superpower, spotting problems before they occurred. And I was proud of it! 

But whilst I was busy spotting problems, I was removing myself from the opportunity to feel high vibe. I'd trained myself to focus on the negatives and it was holding me back from taking risks and growing my business!

And speaking of being busy, this was another thing I used to pride myself on - "I'm SO busy" was my stock answer to every question! I thought the fact I was working so hard meant I was successful. But that level of working hard just doesn't serve you...as I found, it leads to burnout.

Ease, trust and certainty serve you best. 

And when you're doing what you enjoy it feels less like work and much more like pleasure!

It's vitally important to realize that your soul clients are out there believing the opposite of what you know to be true, and your messaging is the difference between magnetizing them or them scrolling on.

That is thought reversal.

Some of their current beliefs just aren't serving them and it's your role as a coach to magnetize them with your messaging and share how you can help get them unstuck.

What problems can you solve for your clients?

Enjoy the listen!


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