An Assemblage of Grandiose and Bombastic Grandiloquents

By That's Not Canon Productions

Do you take great pleasure out of using large and obscure words that no one understands? Perhaps you enjoy peppering a strange adjective into a work email, or finding a new verb to pursue as a hobby? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned logophile such as myself. Well, this is surely the podcast for you.

An Assemblage of Grandiose and Bombastic Grandiloquents brings together all the world’s most interesting, bizarre, and fascinating language to teach you a new word every day.

On Monday, we discuss interesting insults - brand new ways to disparage those who taunt you. On Tuesdays, it’s Konichiwa, bonjour, and hola to words that are not from our native English language. On wild card Wednesdays, you’ll be presented with something odd and strange, unlikely to be a word you’ve ever heard before, and Thursdays we turn to plants and animals for linguistic inspiration. Finally, Fridays find philias and phobias - all your favourite obsessions and worst fears.

Itching for more auditory pleasure? We know you are! Search An Assemblage of Grandiose and Bombastic Grandiloquents on any good podcatcher to find more, and learn something new today! Or find us at to learn more. We can’t wait to explore the wonderful world of words with you!

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