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Episode 55: A Day In The Life Of A Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician With Nkeiruka Orajiaka

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Episode notes

Seeing little children suffer from various medical emergencies can be a heart wrenching experience, but you don’t have the luxury of time to wallow in pity if you’re the pediatric emergency medicine physician on duty. Nkeiruka Orajiaka grapples with this reality every day. Born and raised in Nigeria, Nkeiruka has always been passionate about medicine and she especially likes working with children – a quality that she believes to be essential for anyone who is seeking to start a career in her field. Learn more about what a day in the life of a pediatric emergency medicine physician looks like as Nkeiruka gives us a detailed description in this conversation with Dr. Richard Marn. Plus, learn about Nkeiruka’s loftier goals in global medicine and her newly found path to explore her other passions.