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How To Pursue A Career As An Equine Veterinarian With Stacey Cordivano

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Are you looking to pursue a career in veterinary medicine? If you love horses, then being an equine veterinarian is the career for you! Today’s guest is Stacey Cordivano, owner of Clay Creek Equine Veterinary Services, LLC and host of The Whole Veterinarian Podcast. She shares her journey to becoming an equine veterinarian and what it takes to succeed in your degree. Having her own practice, Stacey offers insights on what it’s like to be a veterinarian and a business owner at the same time. Challenges are bound to arise in any business, but Stacey shares the benefits of practicing equine medicine even while juggling her life as a mom of two. Tune in for more on how to pursue a career as an equine veterinarian, from college to private practice, right here on Health Careers With Dr. Marn!