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What would you change if you had your very own coach?  Someone who would tell you honestly and clearly how to meet your goals? What would you work on?  Your business?  Your health?  Your relationship? Personal growth - along with healthy relationships and community engagement is part of the troika we promote here all.the.time!

That’s what you get to hear Kelly and me work on together in real time pretty much every week on this podcast. If you’re listening to this, we’re pretty sure you’re interested in creating a fuller, more authentic life… or maybe you just like listening to us as we muddle around and through the process.

The New Year is when most of us take some time to evaluate how we’re doing and resolve to do better.  If you’re like us, you’ve designed your own life-change program over and over again and tried to gut it out until at least mid-February before backsliding or giving up outright.  (and it’s so friggin painful and disheartening) Sometimes we beat the odds and make major changes.  But is there a key, a trick to making meaningful change? Maybe a coach can be part of the process?

This week we not only talk with, but get counseled by two professional coaches.  Friend of the pod Tom Check is back with us and our new friend Ken Kilday joins us to help unpack what coaching is and isn’t, and we explore together the nature of change.

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