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#20 Uproot the Seed of Resentment in Your Marriage: The Myth of Compatibility

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Episode notes

If you sometimes waver in your undying commitment and love in your marriage, the resounding advice from the self-help experts of the decade is: "Well, maybe you're just not a match." Has this seed of doubt been planted in your mind? 

In this podcast, I share a clip of Mel Robbins giving advice that's not at all uncommon today. As someone who has been categorically labeled as "incompatible" by well-meaning friends, family, and even personality tests that actually point out all the ways that my husband and I are NOT compatible ...allow me to respectfully disagree with Mel and bust, what I call, The Myth of Compatibility! If you're a parent who needs a pick-me-up shot of recommitment juice in your marriage and family, it's right here on Hi Fam.


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