High Frequency Females

By Tiana Walker
High Frequency Females is a space in time for women who are trying to live a life of a higher vibration. A space where women can be unapologetic for being their true and authentic selves and speak their truth with conviction, free of judgement and pressure.

I'll be talking to incredible women who are experts in their fields, such as psychologists, poets, personal trainers even reiki healers, psychics and yoga teachers. Women who can guide us on our life's journey.

I'll also be having conversations with women who have lived real and emotional experiences. Experiences we need to humanise and bring light to. Areas and problems in society which aren’t always discussed publicly whether it's from shame or embarrassment. I want to create safe space for women to take their power back.

We all have so much to learn, we need to learn to support each other and raise our vibrations as a collective, because we're all living this human experience. Living a life at a higher frequency is a place I want all women to live, and to have the strength to empower ourselves to start living the life we want and the life which we deserve.

Welcome to the High Frequency Females Podcast. Xxxx

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