Hit Different / BONUS: Gabriella Cohen's personal story of music and performance is what hits different

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Episode notes

Gabriella Cohen - Special Link | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

Gabriella Cohen interviews Maple Glider - HappyMag


Some of Gabriella's current playlist

Kacy & Clayton - Spotify | Web

Ashe - Spotify

Natalie Bergman - Spotify


Favourite songs right now

Marcus - Country, Good Morning - Spotify

Gabriella - Easy to Love, Sam Evian - Spotify

Mikey - Superhero, Faith No More (Battaglia Remix) - Spotify



Mikey Cahill - Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / mikeycahill.com

Sosefina Fuamoli - Instagram / Twitter / sosefinafuamoli.com

Marcus Teague - Twitter / The Guardian / Bandcamp



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