Hit Different / ABBA-tars, #VaxtheNation & Michelle Grace Hunder - photographer to the (hip hop) stars!

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To kick start her photography career Michelle Grace Hunder began a two year journey to document Australian Hip Hop. Rise was first printed in 2014 and that's exactly what her music photography career has done since.

But she's a super fan first - “(Kendrick Lamar) came over... and waved. So instead of shooting I waved back!”


This episode!

  1. ABBA have released new music and are putting on a bloody weird show. They'll be there, but they won't. It's sort of like the Tupac at Coachella hologram that went away and didn't come back. Read more here
  2. #VaxTheNation arrived last week with hundreds of artists putting their names to it. Then one didn't and pissed off both sides of the lopsided argument. And those artists not supporting the industry wide push find themselves in an exclusive group of hold outs.
  3. Mid-lockdown music photographer Michelle Grace Hunder put everything she knows about the music photo biz down in a masterclass for anyone wanting to get into the industry. She's photographed some of the biggest names in the music world and has the insider stories to back it up! Juicy.


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