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Housecast is the podcast of Lowerhouse Cricket Club in Lancashire. It was conceived as an idea in late 2018, in a conversation between, Jez Hope, Joe Martin and Adam Hope.

Tales told at the club need to be cherished, remembered and enjoyed over a pint. This is part of what our club is about, we thought about getting these recorded and the idea for the podcast was born. After a dodgy start, recording the first episode in the West End Room, the podcast has gone from strength to strength. Weirdly, with the COVID19 pandemic, it gave us a chance to get together more (over Zoom) and invite the clubs characters. . Part way through our recording and editing, Gary Moorhouse and Joe Beneduce got involved, to bolster the team and Managing Director Matthew Stansfield joins us when he can be bothered.

A lot of effort goes into editing the podcast, with all of the team (except Jez because computers aren't his forte) having a go at editing episodes, so it's great to hear such great feedback, when we get it.

If you have any ideas for the show or want to take part, email us at [email protected] or get in contact on Twitter @housecastpod

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Ps: If you are down the club at any point, please feel free to knock on the West End Room door and check up on Joe Martin, he may even make you a cup of tea.

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