Hustle & Motivate \ Jim "The Rookie" Morris on Living Your Dreams

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Episode notes

In just three months, 35-year-old Jim Morris went from high school science teacher to flame-throwing major league pitcher.  He captured the hearts of the nation when Disney turned his story into the feature film, "The Rookie", starring Dennis Quaid.

Jim Morris never gave up on his dream.  And today, speaking in arenas across the globe, he's showing others how to do the same.


[5:00] Why Jim Morris gave up on baseball at 24

[7:37] The famous bet that led him back to pursuing his MLB dream

[12:16] "No one would even play catch with me" - The story of the try-out

[16:14] Fielding movie offers while pitching in AAA

[19:08] Jim's biggest piece of advice for young athletes

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