Hustle & Motivate \ Jim "The Rookie" Morris on Living Your Dreams

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Episode notes

<p>In just three months, 35-year-old Jim Morris went from high school science teacher to flame-throwing major league pitcher. &nbsp;He captured the hearts of the nation when Disney turned his story into the feature film, "The Rookie", starring Dennis Quaid.</p> <p>Jim Morris never gave up on his dream. &nbsp;And today, speaking in arenas across the globe, he's showing others how to do the same.</p> <p>SHOW NOTES</p> <p><strong>[5:00]</strong> Why Jim Morris gave up on baseball at 24</p> <p><strong>[7:37]</strong> The famous bet that led him back to pursuing his MLB dream</p> <p><strong>[12:16]</strong> "No one would even play catch with me" - The story of the try-out</p> <p><strong>[16:14] </strong>Fielding movie offers while pitching in AAA</p> <p><strong>[19:08]</strong> Jim's biggest piece of advice for young athletes</p> <p>Hustle &amp; Motivate is brought to you by <a href=""><strong></strong></a>, the home of the underdog. &nbsp;Subscribe to our newsletter and get access to our <a href=""><strong>Underdog Secrets guide here</strong></a>.</p> <p>Music provided by TYSHii &amp; A.N.T.</p>