Hypecast / A New Approach | The Story of Nightingale 2.0

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Episode notes

Welcome to the first series of the HIP V. HYPE podcast, where we discuss new ideas around housing, sustainability and climate action to explore ways to support the sustainable growth of our cities and regions. 

In this episode Laura Phillips, Head of Urban Advocacy at HIP V. HYPE is joined by Liam Wallis, Director of HIP V. HYPE and James Legge, Founding Director of Six Degrees Architects to talk about the story of Nightingale 2.0 in Fairfield, Melbourne.

The Nightingale Model has received a lot of attention for promising a sustainable, accessible future for housing in Australian cities, however no project is immune from the complexities of financing, urban planning requirements and construction challenges.

This episode takes a look at how Nightingale 2.0, the second project delivered under the Nightingale Housing Model came to be.

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