Hypecast / The Davison Collaborative | Lessons Learnt on Collaborative Housing Development

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Episode notes

Welcome to the first series of the HIP V. HYPE podcast, where we discuss new ideas around housing, sustainability and climate action to explore ways to support the sustainable growth of our cities and regions.  

In this episode Laura Phillips, Head of Urban Advocacy at HIP V. HYPE is joined by Liam Wallis, Director of HIP V. HYPE and Chris Gilbert, Director of architectural practice, Archier to discuss the lessons learnt on collaborative housing development in Melbourne.

As house prices continue to rise, many Australians are struggling to break into the property market.

Alternative models of housing ownership have emerged in popular discourse over the last few years as a solution to a housing market that is excluding the participation of so many in our community. But are alternative housing models really the answer to housing affordability?

In this episode we take a look at the Collaborative Development Model by HIP V. HYPE and the model’s first completed project, The Davison Collaborative. 

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