Driving Change | Integrating Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

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Episode notes

With our ample solar and wind power resources, Australia has the opportunity to lead the global transition to a net zero carbon economy.

Transport currently contributes 17% of Australia’s total carbon emissions, with internal combustible engine (ICE) vehicles responsible for around half of these emissions. Electric vehicles (EVs), when complemented by a diversified public and active transport system, are essential to reducing our emissions. However, at around double the cost of an average vehicle, EVs are beyond the reach of many Australians.

In this episode, Laura Phillips, Head of Urban Advocacy at HIP V. HYPE, sits down with Tim Washington, Founder at JET Charge and Charge Fox and Liam Wallis, Director at HIP V. HYPE to discuss how transitioning to EVs is critical to reducing our emissions, improving public health and driving the growth of a clean energy economy.

For more information on JET Charge and Charge Fox here. 

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