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#013: How Vacuum Panels Are Already the Best Insulator for the Next Century /w Dr. Joachim Kuhn

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Episode notes

In today‘s episode I talk to Dr. Joachim Kuhn who is the CEO and founder of va-Q-tec - a very innovative company that produces highly efficient and space saving vacuum panels that insulate 10 times better than traditional insulators and will remain the best insulation material for the century.

va-Q-tec has won the TOP 100 innovator award, has been the National Champion at the "European Business Awards" multiple times, made it into the TOP 10 of the GreenTec awards, along with so many other awards and recognitions that it would seriously take a half an hour to name them all.


In this episode I talk to Dr. Joachim Kuhn and explore:

  • What vacuum insulated panels are and what they can be used for,
  • What makes them so specials, along with some of their properties,
  • Why a vacuum is such a good insulator that it will be the best insulator for the next 100-150 years,
  • How common insulators such as styrofoam perform against vacuum panels (spoiler alert: it‘s staggering)?
  • Some of the challenges he faces with his innovative vacuum panels,
  • How his product stakes up against the competition and how he‘s able to compete against Asian manufacturer, despite these being much cheaper,
  • The steps his company is currently taking to make these panels much more affordable and available for more customer applications,
  • How he decides which market to enter next, when the potential of his product is so vast,
  • Why he didn‘t take his successful company to Silicon Valley, but instead stayed in Germany,
  • What he recommends companies do to bring their breakthrough innovation to market,
  • and so much more.


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