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#017: How Autonomy & Insubordination Made Sweden’s Army War Heros /w Tony Ingesson

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Episode notes

In this episode, I talk to Tony Ingesson about why the Swedish army was viewed as trigger-happy and insubordinate during the Bosnia war and was celebrated as war heroes, whereas the very disciplined and professional Dutch army forced the entire Dutch government to ultimately resign.

We cover some of the following topics:

  • Why other countries and politicians viewed the Swedish army as a bunch of trigger-happy and insubordinate mavericks during the Bosnia war
  • How their actions and maverick attitude led them to save over 200 civilian lives
  • Why the actions of the very disciplined and professional Dutch army led the entire Dutch government to resign and the insubordinate Swedish army to be viewed as war heroes
  • Where the insubordinate behavior of the Swedish army originated from and how the Swedish military culture of mission command differs from that of other armies
  • Why a high degree of autonomy makes sense for certain scenarios and units
  • How decisions are made in the military and what types of leadership styles are used for which units
  • Why the UN didn’t allow the peacekeeping soldiers to shoot back, despite being attack and tasked with protecting civilians


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