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#009: Biomimicry: Inspired by the Best Innovator on the Planet - Nature w/ Jamie Dwyer

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Episode notes

In this episode we talk about the best innovator on the planet - nature and how we can learn and apply its ingenious solutions to solve some of the most challenging problems we humans face. We also explore some fascinating examples from the animal and insect kingdom and see how successful companies have applied these nature-inspired designs into their products.


In this episode we talk about:

  • What biomimicry and biomimetics is
  • The best innovator on the planet - nature and what makes us humans more like apprentices than masters
  • Some fascinating biomimicry examples and applications
  • How companies can apply principles from nature to solve some of their most challenging problems
  • Concrete biomimicry projects and what types of results one can expect
  • A few misconceptions and over-hyped areas of biomimicry
  • Her top three recommendation for companies wanting to better leverage biomimicry in their products
  • ...and much much more.


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