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#012: Scamming the Scammers — How Scammers Innovate /w Jim Browning

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Episode notes

This episode takes a deeper look at the much hated scamming industry, by exploring what types of scams there are, how the business model behind these scamming organizations work and how scamming has evolved over the years.

My guest is Jim Browning, an IT professional who, in his spare time, investigates and fights scammers. He has been featured in the famous BBC documentary series “Panorama”, where he managed to infiltrate a large-scale technical support scamming operation, leading to world-wide press coverage along with arrests of the scammers involved.


In this episode I talk to Jim Browning and cover some of the following topics:

  • What types of scams there are, how they work and how my guest fights back,
  • Why fighting scammers isn‘t as fruitless as you might think,
  • How my guest infiltrated a large-scale technical support scamming operation that was then aired on the infamous BBC documentary „Panorama“, leading to international press coverage and arrests,
  • What the underlying business model of these scamming organizations looks like and how lucrative this business really is (spoiler: it‘s staggering!),
  • Where most of these scams originate from and who their victims are,
  • What some of most creative and dumbest scams were that my guest has encountered,
  • How scamming organizations have evolved over the last decades and how they are innovating and embracing new technologies,
  • How to effectively combat scamming and better protect yourselves from being scammed,
  • What type of mindset one needs to have in order to have success in the scamming industry.


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