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Rosh Hashanah No.3: It's Hadran Time

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Episode notes

Hadran Alach Mesekhet Rosh Hashanah!  Since the modern period and beyond, the communal creative practice of calendar making, which our Tractate has mainly focused on, has mostly left us — but not entirely. Hear from some of the artists and collaborators of The Radical Jewish Calendar Project

Rabbi Ariana Katz is the layout editor for the Radical Jewish Calendar project. She is also the founding rabbi of Hinenu: The Baltimore Justice Shtiebl.  

Ariel DiOrio is a Boston-based artist, educator, designer, and photographer who finds inspiration in projects that use creativity to promote social change. Her work is featured for the month of Shevat

Ayeola Omolara Kaplan is a visual artist and abolitionist. Her work is featured for the month of Adar II. 

Blue Reinhard is a student studying Studio Art at Occidental College. Their work is featured for the month of Tammuz

Katherine Leung is an artist, activist, and educator. Her work is featured for the month of Av. 

Special thanks to our executive producer, Adina Karp

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