Jimmy's Jobs of the Future / What is the future of British farming?

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Episode notes

This episode is unlike anything we've tried before.

Last week we were invited to the National Farmers Union Conference to find out what the future of farming looks like.

Farming has been hit by three massive shocks in the past few years: Brexit, the pandemic and the energy crisis. We've all felt the effects of these events but farmers are so totally reliant on external factors, they have felt it more than most.

Now facing unprecedented inflation and a worrying situation in Ukraine, farmers are nervous about the future. But farmers are at heart entrepreneurs and uncertainty breeds innovation.

So we went into the field (pardon the pun) and interviewed a range of exciting young farmers to ask them all the same question: how are you innovating for the future?

This episode is an audio essay about what we found out: a drive and desire towards sustainability.

But you'll see it's far more than that.

This episode is brought to you in partnership with the National Farmers Union, which represents over 50,000 farmers across the UK.