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Rockstar Finally Give Us Some GTA 6 News!

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Episode notes

Welcome to the Joking Dolphin Gaming Podcast, Join Mat, Mark and Nathan as we talk about the hottest gaming news and other video game-related antics!

  • We discuss our hopes for the upcoming GTA 6 trailer
  • We got over the Golden Joystick Winners
  • Valve announces the Steam Deck OLED
  • The Revenant Hill project from The Glory Society has unfortunately been suspended indefinitely
  • PlayStation refuses to pay X (Twitter) API fees so you can no longer share clips and images, Elon is on the case…
  • PlayStation cuts down its live service future offering from 12 to 6
  • Xbox announces a multiyear deal with Inworld to build AI dialog in scale
  • Netflix announces an animated The Witcher show, coming out next year

And that’s a wrap for episode 96!


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