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Bye Bye Jim Ryan

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Episode notes

Welcome to the Joking Dolphin Gaming Podcast, Join Mat, Mark and Nathan as we talk about the hottest gaming news and other video game related antics!


  • Jim Ryan the Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO announces he will be retiring in March 2024
  • Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS online services will shut down in April 2024, mostly…
  • We talked about the unfortunate slew of layoffs around the industry
  • 98% of video game actors decided they would proceed with strike action if needed due to conditions within the industry
  • Activision was in talks about setting up a Call of Duty theme park, we talked about what we would have liked to see… oh the possibilities


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Mat is on the Final Fantasy 7 hype and gets back into Monster Hunter World


Mark gives us his thoughts on Bethesda’s Starfield


And we all get into how we’ve got on with EA Sports FC 24 so far…


Finally, a PSA… We will be moving to a shorter episode weekly format, releasing on Tuesday!


And that’s a wrap for episode 91!


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