Jo's Art History Podcast / 33. Going Back To Museums & Galleries After Covid-19

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Episode notes

Welcome back to the Jo’s Art History Podcast!

It’s episode 33 and this week I discuss museums and galleries being open once again after a new lifting of restrictions in the UK.

As a lover of art I was straight out the door and back in museums, but after reading in the paper there was still a large divide of people feeling comfortable in these spaces, I thought I would offer my thoughts and experience of how I have found being back in the art world since restrictions have lifted.

I talk personal experiences in the art world, why I felt very safe in the museums I have visited and offer up a few tips and tricks for those who may not be comfortable being back in large institutions yet, but would still very much like to see some art.

If you have any tips yourself, I would love you to share them!

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