Kielder Observatory Podcast / Episode 3 - Dr Fred, Cosmology and Black Holes

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Episode notes

In this December episode we take a look at cosmology with Dr Fred Stephenson, who takes us on a journey into the origins of the universe and the other question of how everything will end..! We also explore Black Holes, and answer just what would happen if you were to end up inside one, plus the search for the dark matter particle and how the answer could lie in a mine in North Yorkshire..! We are also joined by Natasha Lund, a Kielder Observatory science communicator to tell us about a project called Escape Velocity, and how local children can get out into new surroundings to take in the night sky and take some photos. There are also exciting developments pipeline and Natasha will explain how the observatory is working alongside Google, and another project all about cosmology..! Plus Dan Pye talks about the latest happenings at Kielder Observatory during lockdown, and some things you can lookout for in the December night sky..