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Noctilucent Clouds, the sound of a Black Hole, and art at the Obsy!

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Episode notes

As we head towards the mid point of the year and the nights become lighter, we explore some of the unique things about the summer night sky. The north of England is a fantastic place to see Noctilucent Clouds, a phenomena only visible at this time of year. In this episode Director of Astronomy Dan Pye explains what they are, and how you can see them anywhere in the north.

We are also joined by Helen McGhie, Kielder Observatory's Photographic Artist in Residence, and Senior Lecturer at the University Of Sunderland.

Helen is behind a new artistic installation called "Another Dimension", and you will drive through the exhibition if you are visiting us over the summer months..!  Another Dimension has been supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and she explains to us the story behind it.

PLUS, NASA scientists have shared for the first time, what a Black Hole sounds like..! We take a listen and debunk the science around space silence..!

All this and much more in this month's Kielder Observatory Podcast..!

ALSO: If you do see Helen's photographic exhibition she would love to hear your thoughts..!  [email protected] if you wish to share your experience of the banner or online exhibitions - It all helps her PhD thesis!




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