Kielder Observatory Podcast / Episode 6 - Featuring Dr Saralyn Mark

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Episode notes

Coming up, the month of March sees International Women’s Day, and in this episode we speak to a true pioneer of Women’s Health, Dr Saralyn Mark. Dr Mark joined the astronaut training programme at NASA and became a senior medical advisor at the space agency for over 18 years taking care of the health of the health of men and particularly women heading into space. She has also worked at the White House during the Obama administration as the first Senior Medical Advisor to the office of women’s health, and today is the MD of iGiant, a nonprofit organisation looking to translate some of this things we’ve learned from space research, into technologies to improve the lives of both genders here on earth. She’s also worked on every public health emergency since the 90’s, and she reveals how lockdown is having a similar effect on many of us which is often found in astronauts returning from space.