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Winter Astrophotography & Why Wind Is Important to Kielder!

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Episode notes

This month the spotlight is on both wind, and astro photography..! Firstly we introduce our new crowd funding initiative to raise money for a 2nd wind turbine on the Kielder Observatory site.  

One of the first features many visitors notice will be the general hum coming from the existing wind turbine. In order to rely less on a diesel generator we are looking to add a second turbine elsewhere on the site. Dan Pye our director of astronomy explains why the wind turbine is so important, and how you can get involved to help out.

This month we also catch up with Dan Monk, our director of Astro Photography. You will likely have seen some of Dan's stunning images, but this month he explains a few of the ingredients you need to get a stunning shot of the night sky, as well as a few of the things to particularly point your camera at through the winter months.

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