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Tracking Satellites & Space Junk

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Episode notes

This month we look at how Kielder Observatory has become the first place in the world to take part in a new project tracking space junk and satellites. There are over half a million objects orbiting our planet, some are working satellites but there are many objects including old satellites, space equipment and rockets just floating in an eternal orbit. 

If those objects were to crash it could start a chain reaction, devastating satellites and in turn causing chaos down here on Earth. NORS based in Durham have developed a tracking system to keep tabs on the space junk above us, and alert owners of working satellites to any potential dangers. To tell us more we speak to Dr Laurence Blacketer from the NORS LOCI project.

We also look at recent events in the night sky and particularly talk about the aurora which has been visible across the north east in January. And we take a look ahead to some of the things to look out for as we head into February 2022.

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