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Dr Olivia Jones - James Webb Telescope Expert + Ask An Astronomer

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Episode notes

Recorded live in front of an online audience on Facebook this month, Director of astronomy Dan Pye, Ellie Macdonald and Adam Shore join Ian Brannan as we explore some of the things to look out for over the final weeks of 2021 in the night sky.

And we are joined by special guest Dr Olivia Jones of the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh, who is an expert on the James Webb Telescope which launches soon (hopefully) and when it does it will bring us a whole new view of the universe. STFC Webb Fellow at the UK Astronomy Technology Centre at the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh. Previously worked at Jodrall B ank

Plus we took your questions for "Ask An Astronomer", covering everything from meteorites, to comets, to the Milky Way, and even cats..

You can WATCH the episode too if you wish here



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