Life and Soul by Emma Forbes / Susannah Constantine

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Episode notes

Today I’m joined for a special bonus episode by the wild and wonderful Susannah Constantine. She is best known for being one half of the famous duo, Trinny and Susannah, and has since gone on to become an extremely successful author and the host of a hilarious podcast called My Wardrobe Malfunction.

In this episode, we talk about her love of wild swimming and how it’s massively helped her anxiety and how lockdown has given her the chance to look at her environment and fully appreciate nature. We also touch on her life after TV and how she managed to bounce back from a mid life crisis to find her true identity.

I also had to ask her how shopping might change post pandemic - her main concern is that she won’t recognise herself in the mirror!


Life and Soul is hosted by Emma Forbes, produced by Georgie Rutherford and edited by Steve Campen.

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