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Episode notes

I used to spend a lot of time getting clients to create a customer avatar/ target persona.

It’s something that big companies spend a huge amount of time on- and it’s foten because they are trying to find the targeted group in an audience of BILLIONS

However, for many of us, we’re not fishing in a barrel of billions.

If we live in a small regional town, or we offer a low competition service, or we don’t need that many clients, we might not need to describe our target persona as “25-35 year old male who loves drinking pina coladas and taking walks in the rain”

In this episode I want to release you from the idea that a target persona is the ONLY way to narrow your target market

And give you seven (yes SEVEN) different other methods you can use to find your people

We personally use a mix of three of these, and since I’ve used this method I’ve found we’ve had far better engagement, growth and qualified leads.

You STILL need to talk to one person in your marketing copy

But this episode will help you narrow that arrow so that one person hears it, sees it, and knows IT’S JUST FOR THEM


During this episode we discuss the following:

  • Why it’s really important to Narrow the Arrow
  • Why this method is especially effective for people who live in small towns, and cities
  • How this method can help coaches and trainers grow their audience
  • The seven key ways you can define your target market
  • How to apply this in your own business
  • How to blend several of these ideas together



Narrow the Arrow Worksheet



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