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Goats in trees aren’t going “Hey, you know what? Today I’m going to be world famous by climbing into a tree.” They’re just doing normal stuff. It’s us that finds it interesting” - Rachel Klaver

So many business owners are stuck about what to write about for social media because all they see is a boring business. Your potential customers don’t see your business that way at all!” - Rachel Klaver

Think about your “goat in a tree” wisdom - all that insider knowledge and things that you find easy, but your customers and fans don’t. That’s gold content for your social media” - Rachel Klaver

We’re talking about anything that helps people build a relationship with you, and helps them know that you’re the person they’ll buy from when they are ready” - Rachel Klaver

Give people a glimpse about what it might be like to get to work with you.” - Rachel Klaver


If there’s one thing that I hear from business owners (especially my clients!), it’s that it’s hard to come up with great content for special media

Part of the issue of course, is that not everyone is a writer. And we all have writing blocks we need to get over. 

Part of it is a fear that we’ll get it wrong on social media

And part of it’s a fear that you’ll go to all that effort and find out that it’s all a waste of time

I can’t fix all of that in this podcast, but I can help give you a framework for how to write better content by learning to be a Goat in a Tree

Whether you are writing all your own content, or getting someone else to do it, it’s super important that you, as the business owner, take time to work this framework out. This is your business, and it’s your voice that needs to come through everything you do.

Being a goat in a tree is learning to see all the interesting parts of your business you take for granted every day. 


Here’s what we include in your goat in a tree content:

  1. Answering frequently asked questions
  2. Talking about your “goat in a tree” wisdom and industry specific knowledge
  3. Giving a glimpse of what it would be like to work with you

Add to this posts that share your core offers, you and your team, and a little bit of fun and you’ve got a great bank of content

Take the time to write great content, and store it all in a spreadsheet. Great content can be used more than once. (and be sure to look out for Episode 16 where we map out how to write great social media captions)


During this episode we discuss the following:

  • Why we often find our business boring to write about
  • What people really want to see on your social media
  • Why you need to think like a goat in a tree
  • Why this sort of content works by removing objections
  • What sort of content you need to create
  • How this method builds out a strong content base for your marketing
  • How to use this no matter what sort of business you have




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