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Episode notes

Today we are talking...TIKTOK!

Tiktok is not just about lipsyncing to a song, or following memes, It can be a powerful marketing tool. Today we’re talking about how to use Tiktok as a product based business. (As a service based business I also learned a lot from this episode.)

I’m so pleased Tasha Miller from Jubly-Umph is joining us today to talk through how she uses Tiktok to grow her business.

“Once I started to make my own jewellery and putting my work out there, I discovered there were lots of people out there just like me and it created a little community” - Tasha Miller

I discovered Tasha’s business last year. They sell little reminders that you can wear every day: Reminders that you are smart and brave and strong, and reminders to celebrate or get a little sweary. So I had to get some for my teenage daughters.

First - they were a huge hit, and second, I found out how super cool Tash from Jubly-Umph was. I’m in awe of how she’s used social media, and more recently using Tiktok to sell her products. 

“I was out to dinner with a friend. Just before going I’d posted a Tiktok and it just went off in just a few hours. The orders started rolling in. In the end we got 400 thousand views and $10,000 dollars with of sales from that one post.” - Tasha Miller

I’ve recently got into Tiktok myself. (ok, maybe a little bit addicted) To be honest it was an act of rebellion against my daughters who had completely banned me from joining. Now, a few months on I’m finding my stride, and have discovered it’s helped me become more succinct in my video content, as well as finding new people to connect with. 

The day before we recorded this I got my first negative comment on my own Tiktok for having only 52 followers (I’m now sitting at the still small but bigger number of 400ish) so found this episode really great to learn from myself


Here’s some important information able our guest:

Tash started out by graduating uni with a journalism degree. While at uni, she supported herself by trading vintage clothing and jewellery on ebay, before starting a market stall (at rose street market in Fitzroy) to sell her own home-made jewellery and artwork, under the name Jubly-Umph, in 2009. A year later she moved the online business away from ebay to a dedicated website, which then grew enough to become her full-time profession. She has gone on to have 3 permanent part-time staff, to enable her to concentrate on marketing and growing the business. Her facebook, insta, tiktok and email marketing has been integral to the operation and growth of the business, with 2020 seeing Jubly-umph's biggest year of growth yet. 


During this episode we discuss the following:

  • Why  it’s important to stick to who you are
  • The importance of showing your face (even if you are an introvert
  • The importance of market research and knowing your audience
  • The difference between “giving it a go” and “giving it your attention”
  • What impact Tiktok has had on Jubly-Umph
  • How Tasha balances creating content with running her business
  • How Tasha repurposes her content





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