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Episode notes

“There’s always ways to help your business stand out in a crowded marketplace” - Jo Murphy

“The ultimate goal of the algorithm is to show people content that they will like, that starts conversations, and they actively seek out.” - Jo Murphy

“Good marketing is something that other people are drawn to and want to become a part of it” -  Jo Murphy

“Loving on your existing customers is something that people often don’t do enough. Email marketing is such a great way to show that love” - Jo Murphy


I am not sure if it’s because for years I did it really tough, or it’s my stubborn independence, but I hate wasting money. (Unless it’s money I want to waste - you know, like on clothes!)

I work with so many businesses who’ve burned through scary amounts of money on digital advertising for little reward. It’s heartbreaking to be honest! 

That’s why I’m so pleased Jo Murphy is with me today - I’ve watched her over two years give amazing, careful and considered advice, often in great detail in Facebook groups for free.

She’s someone I immensely respect and admire. 

Her niche is working primarily with environmentally friendly eCommerce businesses, but her advice is for all eCommerce businesses and can also be extended beyond that for all small businesses wanting to use Facebook ads to grow their audience, get leads and make sales. 

Jo Murphy left the halls of academia in 2013 to pursue a career as a freelance digital marketer. She specialises in Facebook and Instagram, works primarily with environmentally friendly eCommerce businesses, and once sent a slinky down the staircase of a ten storey building. 

As an active contributor in some of Australia and New Zealand’s biggest online business communities, Jo is passionate about providing solid information and education to businesses of every size and believes that meaningful connections and collaborations are one of the biggest keys to success.

When she’s not working with clients through her own business The Ad Nomad, she’s busy working alongside the SmartMarketer team as a community manager for Team Traffic and Train My Traffic Person.

During this episode we discuss the following:


  • How Jo went from working with anyone to working with a very specific group of business owners
  • The importance of having the same values as your outsourced partners
  • Why making sure your offer is clear and easy to understand is crucial
  • What barriers you might be putting in the way of your customers
  • Why it’s important to not overstress about algorithms
  • How to have an authentic voice in your marketing
  • What you need to do before you pay someone else to do your ads



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