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“If you’re getting frustrated when people are taking you for granted - it’s a sign you might need to put your prices up” - Natalie Coombe

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with hundreds of small business owners, it’s that a large percentage of us do not value what we do enough to make sure we’re getting paid for all our hard work.

We definitely pay our team, our suppliers and we’re all about the great deals for our customers… but when it comes to us? We come last!

Today I’m going to ask you to change all of that! Take a listen to pricing expert Natalie Coombe to learn how to drop “burnt chop” syndrome, and begin to create a business that gives you the life you set out to have when you started your business.

Natalie generously shares the two best pricing models for small businesses, and talks about how you can move to a model that values your time, energy and effort as well as helps position yourself as an expert (this works for product based businesses too!)

For me personally, I realised I’m still very much someone who can struggle to put myself first, not because anyone else is pushing me back, but because I definitely was a burnt toast person for years as a single mum (Chops were a rare treat back then!)

It’s amazing how our life slips into our business mentality and vice versa. 

In terms of MAP IT - (Map, Action, Promote, Invest Trust) pricing fits very firmly in the “we need to work this out before we go start marketing out to everyone! Too often it’s a job that’s done after you’ve got to rock bottom, so the earlier you can make sure your products are priced for profit and growth, or your services pricing correctly reflects the value of your offer, the better!

“We’re always learning new things. Running a business is the biggest personal development journey there is” - another great quote from Natalie!


During this episode we discuss the following:

  • What blocks we have around our value as business owners
  • Why you need to look out for burnt chop syndrome
  • The four ways to work out your pricing structure
  • Why looking at competitors might not be the best solution
  • What factors your pricing needs to consider
  • How to move from a cost based pricing structure to a value based one
  • Why you don’t need to fear the word MATH!



Facebook / IG: @NatalieCoombeOnline

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