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The demand for our attention is growing everyday. So how do we stand out in a crowd of voices? Today I’m so excited to introduce to you Lisa from Curvature clothing, whose instagram stories are often one of my favourite ways to time waste.

One of the activities I ask many of our clients to do is instagram stories. This is for a few reasons

First it’s a great way to build a deeper relationship with your existing audience

It’s a great place to sell your services or product

And (and this is my key selling point… if it wasn’t very good it disappears after 24 hours!

However our guest today makes stories I wish we could keep

I was already invested in her brand Curvature clothing because she does what I ask so many people to do - when she’s talking to the camera it really feels like you are right in the room with her

She involves people in the design process, and talks through options

But it was her series around bizarre Adelaide crimes that really caught my attention - to the point I was making my entire family stop and watch and read along with me

Lisa used to work in a prison, now she work in fashion. she got so fed up with not loving anything that was available for me to wear, that she set about creating an option for women who felt the same.

Curvature is slow fashion and 100% made to order.

And today - we’re talking all about instagram stories.


During this episode we discuss the following:

  • Why Lisa started her business
  • How Lisa has used stories to help fidikn her people and feel less isolated
  • Why Lisa uses stories to get feedback from her audience
  • How stories about crime helped tie into her new range of clothes
  • What Lisa finds weird about social media as a whole
  • Plus I make her tell the funny story about the potatoes inside the washing machine (it’s worth turning into this podcast just for that!)



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